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Following the recent Panorama expose’ of the Government’s unlawful refusal to provide nursing care on the NHS to those entitled, specialist Healthcare Solicitors, Robert Campbell and Company, are offering a capped fee service to family members who are seeing the family inheritance being hijacked.

Principal of Robert Campbell and Company, Robert Campbell, said:

"Long before the Panorama programme we were campaigning on this issue as we believe thousands of people who have paid Tax and National Insurance all their lives are being routinely relieved of their life savings by a system that unfairly complicates what should be a quite straightforward issue.

The problem is that those most in need of our help are often incapable, through lack of mental capacity, to avail themselves of it even although many have sufficient resources whereas the families, who ultimately will lose out, often have the will to act but lack the resources.

In order to help people in this situation we are offering a capped fee scheme at £595 plus VAT which, particularly given what are often huge sums at stake, we feel is affordable and highly competitive. If the steps taken under our scheme do not result in nursing care being provided free when it is lawfully due we will consider taking matters further, advise you of the options available and likely costs involved"

A recent client said:

"Re: Robert Campbell & Company Solicitors - Free Nursing Care Representation

We just wanted to say how grateful we are for the intervention of Robert Campbell & Company in relation to the cost of care for our father.

Dad was admitted to hospital suffering from dementia that was thought to be a mixture of Alzheimer's and Vascular Dementia. On any view he was clearly unable to look after himself and needed continuing and continuous nursing care. The NHS Trust responsible for the hospital carried out all sorts of assessments and came to the conclusion that Dad was not entitled to his nursing care on the NHS and would be discharged into a private nursing home for which he would have to pay the fees.

We felt this was entirely wrong as Dad was clearly in need of the nursing care he was receiving in the hospital and would remain in need of that care upon his discharge. We therefore decided on Dad's behalf to seek some specialist help when the Trust refused to change its position and we consulted Robert Campbell, a solicitor specialising in Health Care Law. 

Following the intervention of Robert Campbell & Company the Trust has not gone ahead with it's threat to discharge Dad into a private fee paying nursing home and he remains well cared for in hospital on the NHS. Whilst the matter has not been finally resolved we are pleased that, for a relatively modest investment in legal costs, we calculate our father has saved in excess of £50,000 so far and this is continuing.

We should like to thank Robert Campbell & Company for their assistance to date. For families in similar positions to us (and there must be many) it is vital they obtain specialist legal help or their rights are likely simply to be ignored and they will lose potentially tens of thousands of pounds to which they are entitled."

Since this interim victory the local Trust, persuaded by independent Expert evidence obtained by Robert Campbell & Company have granted fully funded NHS continuing care in this case.

"We are delighted and cannot be more grateful" concluded J & D M.

Full details of the scheme can be obtained by contacting Robert Campbell on 01271 812509 or visiting   



1. The Court of Appeal decided in the case of Coughlan in 1999 that those whose primary need for care was a health need should receive a full package of care free on the NHS.

2. In December 2005 the High Court in Grogan underlined and clarified the law on this.

3. Robert Campbell and Company is a firm of Solicitors specialising nationally in Healthcare law.    Related Links:
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