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A retired policeman, reported to have been forced to sell his late mother's home to pay for her care has won his fight to recover the cost of her treatment.

Ex-Scotland Yard detective Mike Pearce had to find 60,000 to pay for three years of nursing home fees as his mother Ruby suffered with Alzheimer's disease.

Although Mrs Pearce was in need of round the clock assistance, her health authority's guidelines insisted she did not qualify for 'continuing care' which would otherwise cover the cost of looking after her.

Mr Pearce had been fighting the PCT and council in an attempt to recover the money that had to be paid for his mother's care before her death two years ago.

In what has been hailed as a significant development for future care of Alzheimer's sufferers Mr Pearce has received more than 50,000 from Torbay Care Trust in Devon following a decision made by the Local Government Ombudsman.

Specialist consultant solicitor Robert Campbell, an expert in healthcare law said: "whilst the decisions of the Ombudsman's office are not binding and, therefore, do not set a legal precedent this is a significant decision and one which will give us a great deal of heart in our fight on behalf of those suffering from Alzheimer's disease to obtain what is lawfully due to them."

January 2007

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